peachProblems? Find Out From the Comfort of Your Own Home Now!

Want to find out if you have hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal skin tags, fistulas, pilonidal cysts, perianal dermatitis etc. from the comfort of your own home? Use our photo consult option! For $39.95, have a Board Certified Proctologist review and identify these issues from the privacy of your own home and receive a response within 24 hours.

  • Only takes 2 minutes. Get Answers from Home.
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Follow these easy steps:

  1. Complete the short online form
  2. Upload up to three clear image(s) (PDF, PNG, JPEG only)
  3. Pay $39.95
  4. Receive an email with your labeled image(s) and receive a report by a Board Certified Proctologist within 24-hours

Steps to Take a Correct Photo:

Use the back-facing camera on a smartphone. Turn on flash if possible.

  1. Place the phone on the ground just under your anal opening and set a timer
  2. Squat over the camera, retract your buttocks, and wait until the photo is captured
  3. Check the photo for quality and clarity per the image submission guidelines below, then upload

Image Submission Guidelines

  1. Correct file type (PNG, JPEG or PDF)
  2. Clear close up image(s), i.e. not blurry
  3. Capture the area of discomfort as well as the entire anal opening