Dr. Maz Ghodsian of the Hemorrhoids Centers of Los Angeles (Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach) offer colonoscopy services. A colonoscopy is a simple procedure performed under sedation that uses a flexible fiberoptic instrument that is inserted into the colon (large intestine) through the anus (back passage). Any polyps found during the colonoscopy are removed as part of our colonoscopy services.

Please note: Dr. Maz Ghodsian is one of only two practicing Proctology Surgeons in California who has completed a residency in Proctology and is highly credentialed to perform your comprehensive colonoscopy.

Aside from colorectal cancer (CRC) screening, rectal bleeding is one of the most common indications for referral of patients for colonoscopy. In the vast majority of these cases, the source of bleeding is typically internal hemorrhoids.

Dr. G is incredibly professional and he made me feel completely comfortable before and after my colonoscopy. The office staff was great as well. They tried to be as accommodating as possible. I felt that I was a priority to Dr. G and his staff and that they were sincerely concerned that I received the results I wanted. I’m extremely happy with my experience and will definitely be seeing Dr. G again for future colonoscopies. Best Proctologist in Los Angeles by far! ~ YELP

When is a Colonoscopy Required?
A Colonoscopy is performed to diagnose or treat a number of conditions of the colon, including altered bowel habits, constipation, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, or a positive fecal occult blood test (FOBT). It is also indicated in those with a family history of colorectal cancer, or previous colon or rectal polyps. A colonoscopy may be necessary to rule out internal hemorrhoids and internal anal warts. Since a diagnostic colonoscopy is performed to evaluate rectal bleeding and internal hemorrhoids are the most common cause of such bleeding, Dr. Maz Ghodsian can treat the source of the bleeding at the time of the colonoscopy.

About Your Colonoscopy
A Colonoscopy is a relatively fast and safe procedure. You will receive your bowel preparation and instructions during your consultation with the Proctologist, Dr. Maz Ghodsian. Fasting times will be advised at the time of booking your colonoscopy. You will need someone to take you home after your colonoscopy.

How Long Does A Colonoscopy Take?
A colonoscopy can take from 30-60 minutes. The actual time for the procedure varies from person to person.

How Will I Feel After the Procedure?
Most people feel just fine after a colonoscopy but are a bit drowsy. You will be observed after the procedure by nursing staff to make sure you are safe before being discharged home.

If You Are Taking Iron Tablets
Iron tablets need to be stopped at least 10 days prior to your colonoscopy otherwise the inside of the bowel can be discolored which makes it very difficult for the doctor to see.

Will I be Able to Resume Normal Activities the Day After My Colonoscopy?
Yes. If large polyps or multiple polyps are removed, you will be advised to refrain from taking any aspirin, Motrin, Advil, Aleve or NSAIDs for one week. Your doctor will discuss your unique situation with you.

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