Anal pain is one of the most common reasons that men and women of all ages make an appointment with our Proctologists. Our top rated Proctology Surgeon has 3 convenient state-of-the-art fully accredited offices – Los Angeles: Hemorrhoids Center of Los Angeles (Beverly Hills), Hemorrhoids Center of Newport Beach, Hemorrhoids Center of Huntington Beachand we are proud to be able to serve Southern California with state of the art minimally invasive best practices. 

Please note: Based upon your plan, most insurance carriers may provide you with reimbursement for your visit and / or procedure(s) / surgery. Our office will provide you with a completed superbill for you to present to your insurance company for your request for reimbursement.

What is a Proctologist?

A Proctologist is a specialist who focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases and conditions of the colon, rectum, and anus both medically and surgically. A Proctologist is a surgeon who has completed residency training in Proctology (Proctologic Surgery).

Please note: Dr. Maz Ghodsian is one of only two practicing Proctology Surgeons in California who has completed a residency in Proctology. He is considered a best in class hemorrhoids removal specialist Proctologist in Los Angeles.

I went to go see Dr. Ghodsian for an embarrassing medical problem I had. I had seen two other doctors before him and he was the only one that was able to diagnose me accurately and treat me immediately – non-surgically. You can’t put a price on a great doctor that is intelligent and cares like Dr. Ghodsian. ~ Vitals

Using our specialized minimally invasive and aesthetic approach, our doctors use exceptional technical skills to treat our patients with both surgical and nonsurgical treatment modalities. We are highly specialized in the cosmetic removal of anal skin tags, lesions, warts and hemorrhoids, both internal and external.

The honor and privilege of caring for our patients come with the responsibility and dedication of the doctor’s staff to the utmost standard of excellence in patient care and final treatment outcome.

Top Reasons To Make A Consultation With A Proctologist:

  • You have an external anal lump or bump
  • You believe you have a hemorrhoid or have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids and would like them treated and removed
  • Anal discharge (possible STD)
  • Rectal bleeding
  • You have been told you need a colonoscopy
  • Anal itching
  • You suspect you may have anal warts
  • You suspect you have anal skin tags and would like them removed
  • You had an abnormal cervical pap smear
  • You had a history of cervical cancer
  • You had an abnormal anal pap smear
  • You have anal receptive intercourse

Nonsurgical procedures performed by Dr. Maz include:

Endoscopic procedures:

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy

Screening procedures:

  • Anal pap smear
  • High resolution anoscopy
  • HPV / STD testing 
  • Colon-rectal cancer screening
  • Anal cancer screening

We understand the sensitive nature of your medical problem and take extra steps to ensure your privacy, address any of your questions or concerns, and make you feel comfortable. All of our doctors have a gentle bedside manner that delivers comfort and relief to patients throughout Southern California.

The Hemorrhoids Centers of Los Angeles (Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach) specializes in taking exceptional care of each patient from the initial consultation to the post-recovery period. The honor and privilege of caring for patients come with the responsibility and dedication of the doctor’s staff to the utmost standard of excellence in patient care and final outcome. As a best in class, top rated Los Angeles Proctologist, Dr. Maz Ghodsian, and his team of specialists provide highly personalized and comprehensive care. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please use the eForm on the right or contact the location closest to you to get started on the road to recovery: 

Hemorrhoids Center of Los Angeles
300 South Beverly Dr, Suite 106
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 955-1062

Hemorrhoids Center of Newport Beach
500 Superior Ave, Suite 320
Newport Beach, CA 92663
(949) 610-8964

Hemorrhoids Center of Huntington Beach
17011 Beach Blvd, Suite 900
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 274-6491